"Working with Gurari Studios Orchestra was a fantastic experience!  The orchestra was tight and played beautifully.  Jeremy takes great care in creating a well-balanced sound between the singer and orchestra.  Everyone involved is professional and helps to create a wonderful environment with which to make music."
Jacqueline Noparstak, Soprano

"I am very pleased with my experience with Gurari Studios Orchestra. Jeremy Gerard is an excellent engineer with a very developed ear. He was easily able to navigate the difficulties of recording a large voice and was committed from the start to making my experience as smooth and easy as possible.  The orchestra he put together was full of very seasoned players.  The conductor, Thomas Bo, was easy to work with and was very in tune with my needs as a singer as well as the musical demands of the pieces. I highly recommend Gurari Studios Orchestra and look forward to using them again in the future."
Duane Wittman, Helden Tenor


"Say it with Orchestra"...Classical Singer Magazine September 2007


Gurari Studios Orchestra provides singers and instrumentalists the opportunity to record with full orchestra at an affordable, competitive price. Record ultra-high quality demos to albums for major release. The orchestra is comprised of the finest freelance players in New York City. Expertly led by conductor, William Hobbs and engineered/produced by Jeremy Gerard, you are assured a productive experience. 

We take care of everything, just tell us what arias/songs/pieces you would like to record and we will provide you with a price quote for the orchestra, conductor, contractor, parts, sound engineer and producer. All you have to worry about is your performance. Please contact GURARI STUDIOS for your all inclusive price quote.